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Quickly build a backend for your
mobile app is an open source backend library.

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It's easy, secure, and efficient. Deploy anywhere. Keep control of your data.

Free & open source is free to use and open source. You can help us make it better.

Quicker development

Over 70% of development time consists of working on the backend. We've done it for you.

App Engine, AWS, etc.

Deploy to any cloud provider or server you want.

Build your own API

Need to do something that our API doesn't provide? Create your own custom API calls. We don't hold you back.

How can help you?

Register & sign in users helps you create users for your app as well as logging them in. We handle security such as tokens, encryption, and password storage for you.

Store & retrieve data

Create objects in your app and store them remotely with one API call. Retrieve them with a variety of querying options. We handle the network calls and threading.

Push notifications provides tools to easily send push notifications to your users. We also allow you to customize what is displayed to your users on the fly.

Use cases

Leaderboard & Multiplayer

Do you develop games? can help you quickly create a leaderboard and multiplayer functionality.

Social interactions

Commenting, chatting, and sharing are just a few social interactions you can accomplish using

Sync data across devices

Storing user data on allows your users to sign in to a new device or tablet and have access to their data.

Get your backend up and running in minutes.

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