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Server Documentation

Built on Jersey, it can be deployed to any J2EE server that supports DAO implementations are independent and can be written/plugged in for the situation.

The only thing you need to do for the backend is install our libraries, initialize a DAO class/instance, and provide an encryption key. Follow our Getting Started guides below for step-by-step instructions for various server providers.

Getting Started Guides

Deploy on App Engine

AWS and more server examples coming soon!


public class SomeApplication extends AuthApplication<orientdbdao> {

    private String encryptionKey = "someKeyForSynchronousEncryption";

    public SomeApplication() {
        // dao class
        super(OrientDBDao.class, encryptionKey);

    public SomeApplication() {
        // dao instance
        super(new OrientDBDao(), encryptionKey);

Be sure to change the encryption key before using in production! We recommend using a random password generator.

Data manipulation

All data stored by is stored natively in your backend. You have access to it to do things such as data manipulation, advanced queries, custom APIs, etc.


For added security, we recommend all web traffic facilitates is via SSL. Many of the server providers support SSL natively, whereas some require you to configure SSL.

Libraries used